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Why do we exist? 

For many years now, we have traveled by motorcycle through several countries of the world, in some cases with our own motorcycles and in many with rented motorcycles.

Every time we have rented a motorcycle no matter where it has been we have encountered two basic problems:

1. Accessories: “We have everything you need for your trip…. for an extra daily fee” and

2. The passenger: “must pay a small extra”, and we have never found any motorcycle tour company that is pet friendly, well…until now, we are pet friendly. We can provide specific tour that include pet friendly accommodations, as well as a safe way to bring your pet along depending on his size and weight.

These alternatives range from a pet-tank bag for small dogs or cats or a pet friendly top case up to a trailer to haul your big dog along. On all tours that include or higher a support vehicle, your pet can ride along in A/C comfort.

* Please note that we do not train your pet to ride on a bike or in a truck.

About us

Moto Ecuador is an Ecuadorian company created to meet the specific needs of motorcyclists who choose to tour Ecuador for tourism or work purposes.

What do we offer?

We offer fully equipped motorcycles with high quality products for each type of tours; that will make your trip a safe and comfortable experience and best of all: at the same price.


We provide guided and non guided tours through Ecuador that range from 4 days and 1.000km to 12 days and 3.000km.

We are the only ADV Motorcycle tour company that can provide you with all the necessary conditions to include your pet (Dog or Cat) in many of our tours.

We can Taylor design a tour according to your specific needs.

We also provide technical and logistical support for international riders that ride thru Ecuador

We can include a variety of activities that will make your experience on of a kind, theses activities range form altitude diving to an ultimate Galapagos Island experience.

We include a support truck for all of our guided tours that have at least 5 riders.  This service can also be available upon request in a smaller group with for a proportional extra fee.




We know Ecuador 

We know Ecuador from north to south and from east to west, we have traveled our country for more than 20 years, we work with certified and qualified bilingual tourist guides. 

Human team

We have a first level support and supply team that on guided tours, will accompany motorcyclists of groups equal or larger than 5 and / or 5 days of tour from beginning to end.

Accommodation Guide

On our team we have a person who can help you find the best accommodation options in Ecuador, so you can make reservations in advance for your trip to Ecuador.


Who are our tours designed?

Our tours are designed to provide and exceptional experience while touring Ecuador, there for and according to our personal experience we do not recommend groups larger than 4 riders plus our guide, this way we can guarantee a personalized service to all riders.



Our primary goal is to provide you with the best options to get to know the best Ecuador on a bike, even if this means to get of your bike for a few days to see and a part of Ecuador that you don’t usually see.  Our tour include various different activities on specific days during our guided or non-guided tours, however we have special packages to complement you motorcycle experience.

Explore the Galapagos Islands on one of our regular tours, we will drop you off or pick you up at the airport in Guayaquil or Quito you decide if you want to do the Galapagos tour at the beginning or at the end of your motorcycle tour, or you can book this tour independently at a special price due to our unique alliance with Tour Guide Ecuador, an all Ecuadorian company recommended by the New York Times for their outstanding quality on all there truism products in Ecuador.  

Or you can take a tour form “Puerto Cayo” to “La Isla de la Plata” on the Ecuadorian cost where you can see the humpback whales perform an amazing dance that the whale performs during the months of June to September, or if you want something different you can complement our tours with an incredible diving experience.  We offer high altitude diving or sea level diving, both are done in incredible natural surroundings, your choice!

Both options are available at the beginning or at the end of any of our tour or ask for a special motorcycle tour form and back of Quito to your diving destination or Guayaquil from where you can begin your Galapagos adventure.

All of our accomodations during our tours are provided by Guide Ecuador.


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